‘My Shadow And I’


golge ve ben2


 I while ago I realized that I did not have to create ‘charming’ paintings. That was the time when angels and demons began to appear in my work. Deformed figures, images and archetypes came out of my unconscious… Weird enough that I was unaware of their existence, they were too familiar. Actually they were me, my shadow.Then I realized that if only I could embrace them, could I be whole. Thus, through art I began to realize myself.

I sensed that I could reach the very essence of my
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existence through the method of improvisation. I believe when you get there, you find the common material and then you can meet the others. Because we all swim in the ‘ Big Lake’ of our dreams, but come ashore at different places.

From then on, my mind takes on and translates my vague visions to the common language of art.

Thus I try to build the bridge between the spirit and the mind. I think this is the only way to call the end product ‘art’.